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Hello Tania,

Evi sent me your website. I’m glad she did and
I write to say I appreciate what you have
done on Rottnest. I did (in company with Howard)
quite a bit of Library research back in
the late 80s and the story of our W.A.
favourite family island
holiday resort is one of great
importance which I’ve written about
but never published. I wonder if you will
continue on this matter. I think its a
never ending subject.

Best wishes,

Rosalin Sadler.

Looks great tania xx tim

The website looks great! I will send it on : )

All the best,

Your Quod Project website is excellent. Thanks for sending the link.

If you give me a ring I could discuss things further.

Best wishes


very very powerful. and the fact that you came at this horror from multiple perspectives and multiple media is quite wonderful.


This is great. It also adds a sobering level browsing the rooms whilst sitting in our own comfortable rooms at home.
Have you considered sending it to Four Corners?
Look forward to seeing more and talking about project again.
best wishes

Hello Tania , this is most excellent news that you will have a residency at FAC. Not that that is the be all or end all, but it is a victory nonetheless; a nod to your obvious talents as an artist and creator, and your perseverance to talk about an issue that is difficult and important.

The Quod project website is awesome. I see your empathy, it’s enlightening and chilling. Just one bit of feedback – re the text in the pictures – for example with picture 10 in the “re-search” I could not read the writing. So some of its impact is lost. A small point and I am sure you are already aware of this. The videos are a great addition.
Death Wish is a full on title, very catching, visually and what it conjures up in the mind. And appropriate given the seriousness of the situation.
Thank you so much for keeping me in the loop. You are a living example of reconciliation and an inspiration to me. I was happy to see your inclusion in Heritage week.
Best wishes,

Sandra wrote: “Awesome Tania ! <3 Love it ! <3 I think what you have done is so important ! It's great "it" can live on and be available for the world and future generations to see. WELL DONE ! 🙂 x"

Sally wrote: “thats pretty cool Tania its a great exhibition deserves to be seen around the country!”

Hi Tania,

Wonderful to receive this email from you and I hope/trust you are well and living a most passionate and focused life.

The Quod Project resonates strongly with me and I wish I would be able to see it, but am in Vancouver. My mother is Cree and many of her older relatives faced great torment and loss in the hands of our government, which continued years later with exceptional harassment of her brothers and sisters by the law enforcement agencies when they were quite young. Happily, they have all grown to become inspirational community leaders and family members, but still living with remembrances and knowledge of many wrongs not having been acknowledged or righted.

Near the end of my stay in Perth, I took a solo trip to Rottnest, at the time of year and on a day where the ferry was near empty and the island seemed even more so. By that time, I was aware of the history of the island and made a point to regard it as sacred while there.

Your background story leading up to the conception of this project is really quite strong and tough and I think what you’ve done is quite important. I wish you a great success with the show and how it will speak to everyone.

My best wishes,


Arcangelo Genoese/ Italy:
Hello Tania, I saw your site, congratulations, I see that you are talented, I want show it to my daughter. angelo

Hiya Tania,

Thanks for including me on your Quod Project mailout. I’ve looked through it & I’m really impressed, great work for a great cause – congratulations. Rottnest really is a special place for so many of us. As teenagers we used to pitch our tents in Tent City for some good times. Little did we know we were dancing on graves. The place becomes more special for so many other reasons now we are educated by your work and the work of others.

Many thanks & all best wishes

Murray Edwards
ME Scenery

Hi Tania,

I finally got around to viewing this information. It looks so interesting and I am looking forward to having it down here, it will be a great learning opportunity for students.

Thanks Megan (Bunbury Regional Art Gallery).

8th November, 2011.
I’ve enjoyed getting to actually see and hear the completed exhibition while no one else is around. Congratulations it works really well in the space. Thanks Donna

Donna Fortescue
Gallery Attendant
Bunbury Regional Art Galleries

It has been a privelege and honour to host The Quad project at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries. As part of my role I conduct school tours here at the Galleries and we have had three diverse groups through the galleries while the Quad installation was open. One a large primary school group of 40 aged 9-10 year olds and two Groups of High school students aged 14- 15 years old. Firstly the ehxibition was competing with Sidney Nolan’s “Gallipolli Series” touring from the Australian War Memorial. The students were quite moved by the Nolan’s but were very quiet in their discussions. When they entered the Quad Project they became quite animated, were asking lots of questions, and they talked amongst themselves quite freely as it provoked a lot of unanswered questions and desire to know more, it seamed to strike a chord with their feelings of annual holidays . They were wanting to know what the Crow symbolised? How many men were kept in the cell? Why the men were sent there? Why it had been turned into a hotel? What is Auschwitz? Why the two men were looking out the bathroom mirror? How was the cell built and why? We had the Pinjarra Massacre Exhibition toured by Art on the Move a few months back and the links were made by some of the students, who had also seen that exhibition. Well done -Excellent Exhibition I would recommend everyone come and view it as it is very moving , informative and educational. Thank You Tania

I saw the story on the project in the Fremantle Herald when we visited Perth. I would love to see the original work. What an important reclaiming of history!