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Tania Ferrier’s painting practice has expanded into the use of video to explore race relations in installations that transgress the boundaries between the art gallery and museum. Her work is held in many public collections including the Art Gallery of Western Australia. In 2016 her project Talkback was exhibited at A.I.R Gallery in New York.


1984 Bach. Fine Arts Curtin University, W.A


2022 Angry Underwear and Pop Porn. Fremantle Art Centre (5th August – 23rd October).
2020/2021 “The Quod Project”. Lomas Cottage, Rottnest Island, WA
2020 “Ghost Tree”. Earlywork Gallery, Fremantle, WA
2018 “Angry Underwear” @ Noir Darkroom. VIC
2017 St Kilda Blue The Gallery St Kilda, VIC.
2016 Tania Ferrier & Abe Dunovits Gallows Gallery WA
2016 Aug “Talkback” @ A.I.R. Gallery, NYC USA
2016 Feb “Talkback” @ Frankston Art Centre, VIC AUS
2015 Aug “Talkback” @ Academy of Fine Arts Lynchburg Virginia, USA
2015 June “Talkback” @ Australian Catholic University Gallery Melbourne AUS
2014 TalkBack ( T. Ferrier & L. Mitchell ) Heathcote Gallery & Museum Perth WA AUS
2014 Talk Black Melbourne City Library Victoria AUS
2013 Talk Black Fremantle Arts Centre WA AUS
2013 The Quod Project @ Albany Vancouver Arts Centre Albany WA
2013 Humaninside (Ferrier/Stasiuk/Kerr) Fremantle Prison Gallery WA
2012 The Quod Project @ Geraldton Regional Art Gallery WA
2011 The Quod Project & Rottnest Rottnest Salt Stores WA
2011 The Quod Project @ Bunbury Regional Art Gallery WA.
2011 The Quod Project Heathcote Gallery WA
2009 Rottnest light and dark Stafford Studios WA
2007 Collide ( Tania Ferrier and Abe Dunovits) Fremantle Arts Centre WA
2005 Away Stafford Studios WA
2003 In Love with Latin Stafford Studios
2002 “2002” Beaver Galleries Canberra ACT
2001 New Paintings Artplace WA
2000 Face of Australia Artplace WA
1999 Women in Clouds Beaver Galleries Canberra ACT
1998 Dance Artplace WA
1995 Tania Ferrier Artplace WA
1992 Girls Talk Perth Institute of Contemporary Art WA
1989 Angry Underwear Artemis /Arts House WA


2021 (March) Bunbury Biennale and Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe
2020 & 2021 “Know my Name”. Survey of Australian Women Artists at the National Gallery of Australia.
2020: EMBEDDED 2020. Flux Gallery Perth, WA
Exhibition Catalogue PDF | Review Pelican Magazine 2020
2019 “The Artist and her work”. Cruther’s Collection, Lawrence Wilson Gallery, UWA
2019 “Rottnest/Wadjemup” @ Holmes a Court Gallery WA
2019 “Embedded” @ Noir Darkroom VIC
2019 “Sculpture by the Sea” WA
2018 “Who says women are all alike” Sotheby’s Institute of Art, NYC, USA, video by Tania Ferrier & Negin Sharifzadeh
2018 Finalist in the Roi Art Prize, Melbourne, Victoria
2018 “Galvanise” Artsource WA
2018 “No Second Thoughts” Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery WA
2018 “Pure Power” Frankston Art Centre, VIC
2017 Bardang Release (Ferrier, Wardrop, Stasiuk), Earlywork Gallery, WA
2017 Australian Galleries, “Between the Sheets“ Melbourne AUS
2017 Geelong After Dark Geelong VIC
2017 Mar Gallery East Book Biennale Central TAFE Gallery WA
2016 “Small Works” AIR Gallery NYC, USA
2015 “Scene” @ Nyisztor Gallery WA, AUS
2014 Linden Art Gallery Postcard Show Melbourne
2013 Sir Charles Gairdner Invitation Exhibition
2013 Bunbury Biennale, Bunbury Regional Art Gallery WA
2012 National Remote Indigenous Media Festival Djarindjin Community WA
2012 Mid West Invitation Art Award, Geraldton Regional Art Gallery WA
2011 Two Way Indigenous collaboration exhibition Kidogo Gallery WA
2011 City of Fremantle Collection New Photography Fremantle Arts Centre
2011 Curator’s Choice (Ted Snell) City of Albany WA
2010 The Perth School of Art Forum Holmes a Court Gallery WA
2008 Western Australian Museum Penal/Pleasure Island WA
2007 Joondalup Invitation Art Award Joondalup WA
2006 Five Artists Dorchester Art Gallery Dorset England
2005 Albany Art Award (Winner) Albany WA
2004 Mandorla Selection Exhibition New Norcia WA
2003 Desperate Times Fremantle Arts Centre WA
2003 Arthritis Foundation Show (First Prize) Shenton Park WA
2002 City of Perth Art Award WA
2001 Bunbury Biennale (Winner) Bunbury Regional Art Gallery WA
2001 Arthritis Foundation Show ( First Prize) Shenton Park WA
2001 Town of Vincent Awards ( Sculpture Prize) WA
2000 Artplace at 101 Gallery 101 Melbourne Vic
1999 AMERICAN DREAMS Art Gallery of Western Australia WA
1999 Artists against racism Perth Institute of Contemporary Art WA
1998 Works on paper Art House Gallery Sydney NSW
1991 Warsh Rankin Reid Gallery Show NYC USA
1987 Albany Art Award (Drawing Prize) Albany WA
1986 Vestiges Praxis M WA


2021 Tania Ferrier on the Art Show – ABC Radio National
2021 The Grammar of Gender. Alison Bartlett. Pg13. He/She/They. Bunbury Biennale Catalogue.
2020 Podcast featuring “artist Tania Ferrier and photographer James Kerr
2018 “Remembering Artemis” Edited by Gemma Weston. “Terrorist Tits” Pgs. 126-131
2018 Artworld Women: Inspector Sorrow, White Dresses and Angry Underwear
2017 “ Between the Sheets” Artists’ Books 2017. Pg 19
2016 “ Les Femmes Folles: The Women 2016 “ by Sally Deskins, USA
2016 Artsource Talkback
2014 Lyn DiCiero A new canvas for social justice The West Australian 20 Aug
2013 Darren Jorgensen What Perth can learn from Richard Serra Artsource Newsletter Dec Pg. 7
2012 Darren Jorgensen A Sad History Comes Alive The West Australian 20 Oct
2012 Perdita Phillips Talk Black USA Art Monthly Australia Artnotes Vol 248
2012 Tania Ferrier Residency Reflections Artsource Newsletter August
2012 Gerry Georgatos Humaninside The National Indigenous Times 27 June
2011 Andre Lipbscombe Recent Photography Fremantle Art Centre Page
2011 Elizabeth Murray False Beliefs Artsource Newsletter April
2011 Ric Spencer The Quod Project Artlink Vol 31 no 1 Pg 86
2011 Donal Fitzpatrick Unveiling a sorry past The West Australian 11 Feb
2011 Elizabeth Murray Rottnest Revealed The Koori Mail 23 Feb Pg35
2011 Bridget Lacy Rotto secrets put in perspective The West Australian 21 Jan
2010 Josephine Wilson The Quod Project Introductory essay for exhibition.
2009 Artbank News Letter Tania Ferrier
2008 Artsource Every picture tells a story Autumn
2007 STATELINE Away exhibition ABC TV 24/2/07
2005 Insite Magazine Arts News
2003 Fremantle Festival Poster Award and catalogue
2002 Sasha Grishin Women in clouds The Canberra Times Sept
2001 David Bromfield On Show The West Australian Feb 17 p6
2000 David Bromfield On Show The West Australian May 27 p6
2000 David Bromfield On Show The West Australian Nov 18 p7
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1998 Robert Cook Colour me Beige The West Australian 23 Sept p5
1998 David Bromfield Walls play host to imagery The West Australian 5/3
1997 RE, Public (editor), Planet Diana, cultural studies in global mourning, University of Western Sydney, NEAPAN, 1997 (cover image)
1997 David Bromfield Dancing for you and me Australian Art Monthly Dec
1997 The Artist’s Chronicle Tania Ferrier 1998 Festival of Perth Poster Artist
1997 David Bromfield On show The West Australian 20 September
1997 Patrick Cornish From here to posterity The West Magazine 13 Sept
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2022 Creative Development Grant $15K for Fremantle Art Centre Exhibition
2021 Acquisition Award Bunbury Biennale. WA
2020/2021 Fremantle Art Centre Residency
2020: National Assistance for the Arts Grant
2017: 2017-2018 development approvals – Funding approvals – Feature films – Funding and Support – Screen Australia
2017 Script development grant from Screen Australia “Angry Underwear”
2015 Academy of Fine Arts, Virginia, Artist residency, Lynchburg, USA
2013 Department of Culture & the Arts. Art Flight Grant.
2012 Artsource “Go Anywhere” Grant for residency in USA for 3 mth
2012 Awesome Arts Residency Burringurrah Remote Aboriginal Community and Gascoyne Junction Community for 1 mth
2011 Fremantle Art Centre Artist in Residence 6mth
2011 Awesome Arts Residency Burringurrah Remote Aboriginal Community and Gascoyne Junction Community School for 1mth
2010 Janet Holmes a Court Grant NAVA
2010 Awesome Arts Residency Burringurrah Remote Aboriginal Community
2009 Western Australian Local Government Banner Artist /Fremantle
2009 Awesome Arts Residency Kalgoorlie for 2 wk
2007 ArtsWa New Development Grant Residency on Rottnest Island for 2 mth
2005 Albany Art Award (First Prize)
2005 Albany Artist in Residence Vancouver Art Centre for 2 mth
2003 ArtsWa New Development Grant for residency in Albany for 2 mth
2003 Festival of Fremantle Poster Commission
2003 Arthritis Foundation Award (First Prize)
2001 Bunbury Biennale (Winner)
2001 Arthritis Foundation Award (First Prize)
2001 Town of Vincent Awards (Sculpture Prize)
2001 ArtsWa Artflight grant
1998 ArtsWA New Development grant
1998 Festival of Perth Poster Commission
1998 ArtsWa Artflight grant
1991 ArtsWA & Australia Council grants for Angry Underwear exhibition.
1987 Albany Art Award (Drawing Prize)


Art Gallery of Western Australia
State Library Collection, WA
Wadjemup Museum, Rottnest, WA
New Museum Boola Bardip, Perth, WA

Linden Art Gallery Collectors Club, VIC
Albany Art Collection WA
Bunbury Regional Art Gallery WA
City of Fremantle Collection WA
Town of Vincent Collection WA
Edith Cowan University Collection WA Murdoch University Collection WA
Royal Perth Hospital Collection WA
Princess Margaret Hospital Collection WA Artbank
Parliament House & Federal Law Courts WA
Kerry Stokes Collection WA
Western Australian Museum Collection WA
Private Collections in Perth, Interstate, Europe, USA.


Set Decorator/Dresser, Australian Film & TV Industry 1992 to 2018
Co ordinator of the City of Perth Christmas Decorations 1999 to 2016
2011 & 2012 Art Lecturer at Leederville TAFE Artlinks program
1984 to 1987 Art Teacher (full time) Foothills School, Guildford, WA